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how many colonies were there?
13 on the eastern seaboard of america
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what did each colony have?
a written charter setting out their form of government and the rights of the colonists
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what else did they have?
governor, legislature and judiciary
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why did america resent?
their colonies existed purely for the economic benefit of britain
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year of war of indepen and year of decleration of indepen
1775 and 1776
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when were articles of confed?
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how many states ratified?
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what was it?
set up a loose confederacy of states, no national government, no execuitve and judiciary, limited legis
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who believed strong national gov was essential?
leaders in the war such as Washington and Hamilton
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when was the philedelphia convention? what was it? who?
1787. 55 delgates. 12/13 states except Rhode Island and 4 months
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what did hamilton feel
feared without a strong executive, few of the nationas problems would be solved
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madison felt
feared a strong executive and an overbearing legislature
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smaller states
"new jersey plan"
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larger states
"virginia plan"
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smaller states wanted
state over federal power, unicameral legislature with equal votes for each state, multi-person exec removed by a majority
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bigger states wanted
bicameral legis, both houses directly elected, executive elected by congress
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when was the conneticut compromise? what was it?
1787. senate equal rep on state basis. houses rep proportional
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what were slaves?
counted as 3/5 of a person for the purpose of rep in the House
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article 1
congress as a national legislature
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article 1 section 8
enumerated powers. "declare war" and "coin money" - elastic clause
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article 2
singular executive
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article 3
supreme court
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article 6
although not explicit, supreme court given role of umpire of constituion, implied by supremacy clause
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how is House of rep elected?
directly [article 1 section 2]
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senate elected?
state legislatures [article 1 section 3]
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president by
an electoral college
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how many enumerated powers?
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when was elastic clause exercised
McCulloch v Maryland 1819
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what did this do?
established a national bank to carry out its powers to collect taxes, pay debts etc
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constituional sovereingity amendment
article 6
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what is the tenth amendment
necessary and proper clause
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example of two occasions presidents potentially impeached
andrew johnson 1866 and bill clinton 1999
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12th amendment
1804. reform of electoral college
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19th amendment
1920. voting rights for women
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how many amendments?
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which has never been used?
natiinal constitutional convention
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what was the only amendment by state constitutional convention?
21st amendment
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how many proposed constituonal amendments during clinton 1993-2001?
17 - unusually high
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which ones did house agree to?
balance budget amendment 1995 and flag desecration but senate disagreed to all
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how many attempts during bush?
2001-09. 6 attempts to amend.
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how many in the house on flags?
only 3 recieved the required 2/3 majority. house voted on this nearly 6 times.
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when was the federal executive department of commerce and labour set uo?
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what decision enhance the power of federal gov?
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which constituonal amendments changed federal-state relationships?
14th as prohibitons directly imposed on the state
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what two requirements does this include?
due process clause and equal protection provisions
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what was 16th amendment?
allowed fed government to impose an income tax
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dual federalism
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co-op federalism
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new federalism
20th century
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what did each colony have?


a written charter setting out their form of government and the rights of the colonists

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what else did they have?


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why did america resent?


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year of war of indepen and year of decleration of indepen


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