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What is the function of an operating system
acts as an interface between the hardware and the user, provides a platform for programs to run
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What are the properties of flash memory
portable, reasonable price, good capacity
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what is a software
a program that runs on a computer
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properties opticals disk
large capacity, cheap, portable and lightweighr
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properties for Magnetic disk
low cost, large capacity , not portable , hard-disk that stores the operating system, very reliable stores data and installed programs
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What is peer to peer network
Where all computers have equal status and file between each other
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What is automatic update
Computer checks on the internet for newer versions of programs and automatically updates it
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One example that affects performance
Increase in clock speed means the faster the CPU since there would be more fetch decode and execute cycles in a given time. Increase inc cache size means that CPU will spend less time travelling to main memory hence programs run faster,cache=faster
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Why binary ?
Stored as binary since it is easy to tell the state of switch 0/1 and so that computers can be based on logic circuits
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What is HLC
high level code that is designed to be read by humans which computers cannot read., can be translated for different machines and HLC uses standard english
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How are instruction stored in binary
The instructions consist of an op code or and operand which are stored as bit patterns. Each op code is unique
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What is Machine code
It is a low level code that can only be read+executed by computers, instructions are stored as binary and a machine code is specific to a particular machine
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difference between compiler and interpreter
Interperator translates HLL line by line and stops at the first detected error whereas compiler translate the whole code and list all the errors before compilation
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what is an entity and what is a atrribue?
an entity is a real life object and is something we store about in a database ( a table in a database) and an attribute is a characteristic of an entity and becomes a field
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What is a record and what is a field
A record is a section of a database about an individual(HORIZONTAL) in contrast a field is a characteristic of something stored in a database (VERTICAL)
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WHy is a relational database comaan
Since it links tables together therfore easier to extract information and avoid data redundancy
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What is a foreign key + advantages
When a primary key from one database appears on the other table its called a foreign key= easy accessibility +easy to link tables + avoids data redundancy
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What are the advantages of a DBMS
seperates applications programs from data, allows user to store and modify info from a database, controls data integrity , allows user to access info at same time and controls coherency(no one can change data st SAME TIME)
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features of a DMBS
limited access increase in data integity and security, validation and verification checks, automatic update to prevent corruption or loss of data, a command language that allows you to alter data,
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What is a report and a query
The output of a database table and a query is an object that extracts info/ data
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Avantages of LAN
easier to share data, computers in a Lan can easily be updated and monitored
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is a set of rules used for devices to communicate
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what is 3MHz and quad core CPU
3 cycles of fetch decode and execute per secod how many instruction can be processed each second and quad core means 4 cores are independent with the cpu and work simultaneously to perform multiple tasks
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Custome written software is..
software created especially for a user
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How does ASCII represent text in a computer system
Each character is given a numeric code including symbols and digits this code is then stored in binary Each character takes one byte . Text is stored as a series of bytes
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what is a character set
All the characters which are recognized by a computer system,
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what does OR gates favour in and what do AND gates favour in
Or =1 AND = 1 NOT =opposite
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Explain the idfference in character sets between Unicode and ASCII
Unicode has a much larger caracter set and can represent much more characters from all alphabets since unicode uses 16 bits and ASCII uses 7/8 bits
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what is an array
a collection of variables under the same name
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disadvantages of Off the shelf software
- nit very reliable since the product has not been tested by other users, time consuming , expensive since developer makes profit of one person
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