Quiz on key computing key terms.

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1. What Is A Virus

  • A malware program that runs silently on a user’s computer and enables another user to connect to the computer and take control of it.
  • A malware program that attaches itself to files and is designed to spread within a computer and to other computers, usually causing the computer to become unreliable.
  • A malware program that uses the resources of the computer in which it is installed to spread to other computers and cause the computers to become unreliable. (Unlike a virus, a worm does not attach itself to files.)
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2. What Is Firewall

  • A utility or device that monitors the traffic between a computer and the internet and only allows connections that are authorised.
  • A utility that searches for and removes any malware on a computer
  • A utility that searches for and removes any viruses on a computer.

3. What Is A Fetch–Execute cycle

  • Memory buffer on the processor that stores instructions which have been fetched before and allows them to be fetched more quickly the next time.
  • The process by which programs are run on a computer. The processor repeatedly fetches the instructions of the program from memory and executes them.
  • The speed at which the processor carries out instructions, measured in Megahertz (MHz) or Gigahertz (GHz).

4. What Is Device driver

  • System software that is used by the operating system to contol peripheral devices.
  • A function of the operating system that involves allocating memory to programs and data which are being used.
  • Software that enables the program to operate.

5. What Is Read-Only Memory (ROM)

  • Memory that can be addressed and accessed directly by the processor.
  • Memory that is used to store programs permanently and in the same location, such as the boot-up program. This memory is non-volatile and is not deleted when the computer is switched off.
  • Memory that is used to store the programs and data currently in use by a computer. It is volatile, which means that it gets erased when the computer is switched off.



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