Quiz on key computing key terms.

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1. What Is System diagnosis utility

  • Systems software that performs a common maintenancece task.
  • A utility that scans the computer for common faults and problems and presents the results (and suggestions for the solution) to the user.
  • The tools provided by the operating system to allow the computer and the user to give instructions to the computer and receive and understand the results.
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2. What Is Cache memory

  • This is a buffer of memory in the processor that is used to store copies of items that are most often fetched from the memory, so that they can be fetched more quickly.
  • Memory that can be addressed and accessed directly by the processor.
  • A technology for storing data in an electronic format which is used for memory cards.

3. What Is CPU cache

  • Memory buffer on the processor that stores instructions which have been fetched before and allows them to be fetched more quickly the next time.
  • The program that is used to start the computer. It is automatically loaded so that its instructions can be fetched when the computer is turned on, and it eventually loads the operating system.
  • The process by which programs are run on a computer. The processor repeatedly fetches the instructions of the program from memory and executes them.

4. What Is Firewall

  • A utility that searches for and removes any viruses on a computer.
  • A utility or device that monitors the traffic between a computer and the internet and only allows connections that are authorised.
  • A utility that searches for and removes any malware on a computer

5. What Is A Virus

  • A malware program that runs silently on a user’s computer and enables another user to connect to the computer and take control of it.
  • A malware program that attaches itself to files and is designed to spread within a computer and to other computers, usually causing the computer to become unreliable.
  • A malware program that uses the resources of the computer in which it is installed to spread to other computers and cause the computers to become unreliable. (Unlike a virus, a worm does not attach itself to files.)



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