Computer Misuse Laws

Computer Misuse

The main laws to stop Computer Misuse

1. Computer Misuse Act (1990)

2. Data Protection Act

3. Copyright Law

4. Health and Safety legislation

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Computer Misuse

Computer Misuse Act 1990

The computer misuse act prevents the following:

1. Unathorised access to computer material

2. Unauthorised acts with intentions to harm operations of computers

3. Unauthorised acts causing or creating risks involving serious damage

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Computer Misuse

Unauthorised access to computer material

Means hacking, accessing information or data one knows they do not have authorisation to access, is illegal.

 Unauthorised acts with intentions to harm computer operations

Makes changing data, operations or programming of computers, without permission, illegal.

Unauthorised acts causing or creating serious risks

Means anything done to a computer that can harm a person, security (of a country) or disruption of a very important programme (done knowingly), is illegal.

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