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2. What is electrolysis?

  • When you pass electricity through a metal. It seperates to non-metals from it.
  • Nothing.
  • Electrical current passed through a liquid called an electrolite. Seperates metals form non-metals.
  • An anode and a cathode.

3. What compound is: Silver + Iodine + Oxygen.

  • Silver Iodate
  • Sliver Oxydine
  • Silver Iodine Oxygen
  • Silver Iodine

4. What elements are in iron sulphate?

  • Oxygen + Iron
  • Iron + Sulphur + Oxygen
  • Iron + Sulphur
  • Iron

5. What is the phlogiston theory?

  • When you burn a liquid and it gains mass . It is not true.
  • Every combustible material has phlogiston in. When it is burnt, it loses it.
  • Same as electrolysis.
  • Nothing, it's not true.


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