Structure and bonding

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Covalent bonding

  • share electrons
  • examples include: methane CH4 and Ammonia NH3
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Ions and formulas

  • atoms that have lost or gained electrons are ions
  • any positive ions can be combined with any negative ions to form ionic compounds
  • the overall charge of any compound is zero
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Atoms, compounds and isotopes

  • mass number: total number of protons and neutrons
  • atomic number: number of protons
  • compounds are formed when atoms of elements are bonded together
  • isotopes have the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons
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Ionic bonding

  • loose or gain electrons
  • ionic compounds always have giant lattices
  • there is a strong electrostatic force of attraction between opposite ions
  • when ionic compounds melt, the ions are free to move and they can carry an electric current
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