Cold war

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When was the Yalta Conference?
February 1945
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Who were 'the Big Three'?
Stalin, Churchill and Rossevelt
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What was Discussed?
What to do with Europe after the war.
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When was the Potsdam Conference?
July-August 1945
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What was the situation in July 1945?
Stalin's soviet troops had taken over most of eastern Europe. Roosevelt died in July 1945. Truman took his place. US had developed atomic bomb. CHURCHILL REPLACED BY CLEMENT ATTLE.
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What were the disagreements at Potsdam?
What to do with Germany. Stalin wanted £10 billion in compensation. Soviet policy was under question because Stalin wanted a pro-soviet government.
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What was the Greece and Turkey aid bill?
March 1947 $400 million worth of aid given to Greece and Turkey.
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What was the Truman Doctrine?
1947- US would give political, military and economic assistance to any country under the threat of communism.
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What was the Marshall Plan?
US gave Europe $17 billion to support there economy after WW2
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Why did tensions grow in 1948?
New money- Deutchmark, France,UK and US joined forces, Containment, Marshall aid, Living standards, West wanted to help Germany
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What caused the Berlin Blockade?
Stalin cut off all rail and road links to west Berlin.
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What were the Berlin Airlifts?
US dropped food and aid to the people stuck of each side of the wall as all transport links had been cut.
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What were the results of the Berlin Airlifts?
Germany would be split up, cold war got worse, NATO and Warsaw Pact, improved allie strength, Arms race- nuclear weapon
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How did Stalin control Europe?
Secret police, Restoring law and order, Farmers told what to build and grow, Comecon ensured USSR had trade, Promised aid to trading countries, Soviets threatened to use tanks
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What was Cominform 1947?
Co-ordinated the communist governments. Cominform ran meetings and sent out instructions to communist governments.
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What was Comecon 1949?
Co-ordinated the industries and trade of eastern countries. Comecon favoured USSR because they sold cheap, raw materials.
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What were some of the ways Soviets controlled East Europe?
Forbidden to travel west, Censored newspapers, Unfair wages, No voting
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What was NATO?
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was formed in 1949 and was set up to protect US allies.
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What was the Warsaw Pact?
1955- indented to be a defensive alliance, but was used to keep control over Eastern Europe
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What was the Nuclear Arms Race?
US had made atomic bomb in secret. Stalin's spies had informed him of this. 6th August 1945 Hiroshima- 9th Nagasaki
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Nuclear Arms Race?
Stalin made atomic bomb research his main priority, Money was poured into research. 1949- Stalin had his bomb.USA gave 40% of defence to Air support, Propaganda war
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What was De-stalinistaion?
Kruschev released political prisoners, closed cominform, Invited Marshall Ttio to Moscow and dismissed Stalins foreign minster.
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Causes of the Hungarian Revolt in 1956?
Secret Police, Russian control of economy, Russian control of schools, Censorship and lack of freedom.
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Effects of Hungarian Revolt 1956
Repression in Hungary, Russia stayed in control behind the Iron Curtain, Polarisation of the Cold War
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Nuclear Rivalry
15th May 1957- Soviets made ICBM 1959- US made an ICBM, US ahead of Nuclear Arms Race
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Satellite Programme 1955
Oct 1957- soviets sent rocket into spcae launching a satellite called Sputnik, Nov- 1957 Soviets launched Sputnik II this time with a dog called Laika. America Poured money into space research.Project explorer was run by US army.
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What was MAD?
Mutually Assured Destruction- was that the USSR and US had enough nuclear weapons to killed each other over and over.
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What was the U-2 Crisis?
US spy flights over USSR. Truman banned them because they were violating soviet airspace.Flights started again with new U-2 in 1956
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U-2 Crisis
Flew so high couldn't be shot. Carried high tech equipment and cameras. Kept USA fully informed during 1950s
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U-2 Crisis
No proof of Americans doing it. Kruschev received news during Four Powers summit that a new S-75 anti-aircraft missile had been shot down
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Reasons for the Berlin Wall 1961
Propaganda. Communist regime. Prevent US troops from crossing. Slow capitalism. Stop spying. stop general population. Stop skilled workers from leaving.
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West Reaction to Berlin Wall
Caused major crisis, Access to east berlin we
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Stalin, Churchill and Rossevelt


Who were 'the Big Three'?

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What to do with Europe after the war.


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July-August 1945


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Stalin's soviet troops had taken over most of eastern Europe. Roosevelt died in July 1945. Truman took his place. US had developed atomic bomb. CHURCHILL REPLACED BY CLEMENT ATTLE.


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