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2. Who says that power to gain from the welfare state is neither random nor meritocratic?

  • Sinfield
  • Holyfield
  • Murrayfield
  • Sunfield

3. Who finds that in the UK, the ability to buy a home close to the 'better' local authority/publicly funded school is facilitated by a higher income thereby giving the middle-class parents more choice?

  • Reay and Lucey
  • Ray and Lucy
  • Gerth and Mills
  • Gary and Milo

4. Who says that 'as man becomes more individual and more specialised he becomes more socially dependent'?

  • Durkeim
  • Lucey
  • Titmuss
  • Daly

5. Who finds that earnings of those born in 1970 are more closely related to the income of their parents as compared with those born in 1958?

  • Marshall
  • Daly
  • Mann
  • Wilkinson


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