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2. Who said 'Such is the tyranny of stereotypes today that this idea of a welfare society... may paradoxically widen rather than narrow class relationships'?

  • Reay and Lucey
  • Titmuss
  • Gerth and Mills
  • Marshall

3. In 2002 Inland revenue said which type of welfare system (Titmuss) is the 'carrot for a change in behaviour'?

  • Fiscal
  • Social/Public
  • Occupational

4. Which of the following is not a way in which the state shapes poverty, according to Brady?

  • marginalises the low paid
  • manages risk
  • institutionalises inequality
  • organises the distribution of resources

5. Which of the following is not a theory proposed for how the welfare state developed?

  • Power resources model (Korpi - high historic power of the left causes WS to grow)
  • Legacy of WW2
  • Path Dependency
  • Industrialisation (need for a healthy labour force - Valenski: no political activism in this theory)
  • Suffrage of Working Class citizens


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