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Who was Behaviourist Theory?
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Who was Cognitive Theory?
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Who was Social Interaction Theory?
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Who was Nativist Theory?
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Which theories are described as "nurture" theories?
Behaviourist and Social Interaction
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which theories are described as "nature" theories?
Nativist and Cognitive
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What does Cognitive theory propose?
Children understand a concept before developing the language
Children are egocentric up to about 7.
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What supports Cognitive Theory?
Nelsons first 50 word study
'Fis' phenomenon
Brown's order of grammatic development, (ing before ed)
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What criticises Cognitive Theory?
children with learning difficulties aren’t impacted.
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What does Behaviourist theory propose?
Imitation, Positive/Negative Reinforcement
help children to learn language.
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What supports Behaviourist theory?
Genie, Accents/Dialects
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What criticises Behaviourist Theory?
-Children make mistakes
-Theory was tested on rats/pigeons
-Children go through same stages same time
-Adult speech is fragmented/corrupt
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What does Social Interaction theory propose?
Interaction provides a LASS (Language Acquisition support system) scaffold
Child Directed Speech (CDS) is important. E.g
-Tag questions
-Simple sentences
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What supports Social Interaction Theory?
-Jim(Deaf parents, underdeveloped speech)
-babies singsong intonation
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What criticises Social Interaction Theory?
Non-western culture kids learn language like adults (not CDS).
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What does Vygotsky argue?
Children need More Knowledgeable Other to move out of their Zone of Proximal Development.
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What does Nativist Theory propose?
Language is learnt Innately (naturally)
We have a LAD (language acquisition device – universal grammar
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What supports Nativist Theory?
-Wug test
-Brown’s meaning relations
-Virtuous errors – overgeneralization
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What criticises Nativist theory?
-Tomasello (usage based theory)
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What does Lennesburg argue?
We have a critical period of LAD
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