AQA English Language ENGA3 - Language change notes

Basic presentation on notes for the ENGA3 exam for the language change question covering: causes of language change including word formation processes, periods of english language and its evolution, attitudes towards language change and language change theories.

Please note this presentation is unfinished - when using for my own revision purposes I didn't feel necessary to cover every aspect of the course in so much detail, however you will notice blank slides which of course you are free to use/fill in to make this presentation your own using your own notes. 

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Language change
UNIT 3…read more

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Influences on language
· Historical events
· Waves of war/disease/military/business/industrial change
· Generational transfer
· Transmission of language within families creates the conditions for linguistic interplay between different cultures/traditions
· Geographical/world language issues
· Change/variation reinforced by regional identities
· Immigration e.g. jamaican creole becoming british black english... plus the formation of multi-ethnic youth dialect by Sue fox which combined
these influences with other immigrants from other areas e.g. bangladesh
· Social factors
· Social aspects such as social class/gender/age/ethnicity/occupation/sexuality shape the course of change within the language
· Popular culture e.g. music fashion and street culture and their influences
· Gender differences
· Technological advancements and the media
· Endless invention of new technologies is accompanied by new lexis and language forms with older technologies becoming obsolete mirroring
lack of use of these terms also
· Newspapers, tv and the internet and their various influences upon language
· Education and politics
· Language becoming highly politicised can lead to shifts in the freedoms/constraints that the language operates…read more

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Historical events
Global economic crises bringing about new terms...
· Credit crunch
· Downturn
Words of war...
· Trench coats ­ clothing designed to keep officers warm/dry
· "built like a tank" ­ signifying something big, strong or sturdy
· "eyewash" ­ meaning rubbish/nonsense ­ came from war where soldiers would
claim their eyes were affected by gas and needed treatment
· "dud" ­ meaning something that is good ­ meant a shell that had not exploded
· "shell-shock" a medical term popularised after wars now today means any kind
of extreme surprise…read more

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Generational transfer…read more

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World language…read more

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Social factors…read more

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