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2. Rewards include...

  • Interest free loans, money off house bills, lower cost housing
  • Higher wage, interest free loans, priority housing and education
  • Higher wage, free pets, lower cost housing
  • Priority housing and education, free pets, money off house bills

3. How many births has it prevented?

  • 800 million
  • 600 million
  • 400 million
  • 200 million

4. Penalties include...

  • Fines, hate mail, being fired
  • Being fired, possessions confiscated, fines
  • Possessions confiscated, higher cost housing, hate mail
  • Being fired, higher cost housing, fines

5. How could you be allowed to have another child?

  • If you had a girl
  • If you had a child with a disability
  • If you had a boy
  • If you had twins


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