China's one child policy

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China's one child policy 

  • China's one child policy was to reduce the population size of China. 
  • Chiarman mao, encouraged Chinease families to have a large families. This is because a large population was needed for China to move from an agricultural economy to an industrial one. 
    • Between 1959 amd 1961, 51 million Chinease starved from famine. 
  • In 1970, the comunist party could see that China was heading for another famine and had to take action fast. 
  • In 1979 the one child policy was introduced. 

Rules of the one child policy: 

  • No marriage until late 20's
  • Only one successful pregnancy 
  • Must have an abortion for any future pregnancy or partner must be steralised. 
  • Parent would recieve a 5-10% pay rise if they only had one child 
  • Parents would have priority housing, pension, family benefits and free education and health care for the child.  

Any couple who disobeyed: 

  • 10%


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