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Atomic number
Number of protons
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Mass number
Number of protons plus neutrons
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Relative isotopic mass
Mass of an individual isotopes relative to the mass of Carbon-12
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Relative atomic mass
Average mass of an elements isotopes relative to the mass of Carbon-12.Where Carbon-12 has a mass of 12
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First ionisation energy
The energy required to remove one electron from each atom in one mole of gaseous atom to form gaseous 1+ ions
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Atoms with the SAME number of protons but DIFFERENT numbers of neutrons
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Avogrado's number
Number of atoms in 12g of Carbon-12
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Avogrado's Law
At a constant temperature and pressure the volume of one mole of any gas is the same
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Ideal gas equation
PV=nRT (R=8.31 JK mol )
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Empirical formula
The simplest whole number ratio in which the atoms in a compound combine together
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Molecular formula
A formula that tells us the number of atoms each
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Dative covalent bond (coordinate)
A covalent bond formed when both shared electrons are provided by only one atom. The donor atom must have a lone pair.
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The measure of an atoms tendency to attract the electron pairs from a covalent bond
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Inter molecular forces (IMF)
These are weak electrostatic forces of attraction BETWEEN neighbouring molecules.
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Dipole-dipole forces
An IMF that results from the attraction between molecules with permanent dipoles
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Mass number


Number of protons plus neutrons

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Relative isotopic mass


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