Chemistry - Plant oils - Unsaturated and Saturated Fats

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1. If bromine water goes from orange to colurless in a fat, it means that...

  • I Don't Know
  • it contains single bonds only and is saturated
  • it contains one or more double bonds and is unsaturated
  • it contains one or more double bonds and is saturated
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2. At room temperature, a hydrogenerated oil becomes...

  • solid
  • liquid
  • oily
  • I Don't Know

3. An unsaturated fat needs to be hardened at...

  • I Don't Know
  • 60°C
  • 80°C
  • 23°C

4. A hardened unsaturated fat then becomes a...

  • hydroxide oil
  • I Don't Know
  • hydrogenerated oil
  • hydrophilic oil

5. An unsaturated fat can be hardened with the prescence of a...

  • plant oil
  • I Don't Know
  • nickel catalyst
  • steel catalyst


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