Chemistry Key Word Definitions (L-M)

What is limewater?
The common name for calcium hydroxide solution.
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What is a macromolecule?
A giant covalent structure.
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What is the mantle?
The layer of the Earth between its crust and its core.
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What is mass number?
The number of protons plus neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.
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What is mass spectrometer?
A machine that can be used to analyse small amounts of a substance to identify it and to find its relative molecular mass.
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What is a mixture?
When some elements or compounds are mixed together and intermingle but do not react together (i.e. no new substance is made). A mixture is not a pure substance
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What is a mole?
The amount of substance in the relative atomic or formula mass of a substance in grams.
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What is a molecular formula?
The chemical formula that shows the actual numbers of atoms in a particular molecule, e.g. C_(2)H_(4).
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What is molecular ion peak?
The peak on the mass spectrum of a substance which tells us the relative molecular mass of the substance. The peak is produced by the heaviest positive ion shown on the mass spectrum.
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What are monomers?
Small reactive molecules that react together in repeating sequences to form a very large molecule (a polymer).
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What is mortar?
A building material used to bind bricks together. It is made by mixing cement and sand with water.
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What is a macromolecule?


A giant covalent structure.

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What is the mantle?


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What is mass number?


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What is mass spectrometer?


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