Cell Biology Lectures 6-10 MCQ

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1. What is NOT true of Beri Beri?

  • Leads to high levels of a-keroglutamate
  • Characterised by neurological and pulmonary symptoms
  • Leads to high levels of pyruvate
  • It is a vitamin B1 deficiency
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2. What is NOT true of mitochondrial DNA?

  • Produce their own mitochondrial enzymes
  • Rate of mutations is higher than in nuclear DNA
  • Inherited from the mother
  • Can be analysed to track movements of populations

3. What is the theory of the evolution of the nucleus?

  • Combination of an early eukaryotic cell and a DNA plasmid
  • Invagination of DNA-containing membrane
  • Combination of anaerobic pre-eukaryotic cell and an aeorbic prokaryote
  • Invagination of pore-filled membrane

4. Which of the following is NOT true of an uncoupling agent?

  • Can cause seizures
  • Acts as a weak alkali
  • Can be used as a slimming agent
  • Disrupts proton gradient

5. Which of the following statements about Ubiquinone is true?

  • 1 electron - Semi-ubiquinol
  • 2 electrons - Ubiquinol
  • No electrons - Ubiquinol
  • No electrons - Semi-ubiquinone


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