Cause of the First World War, Historian Opinions

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Christopher Clark
'The Sleepwalkers' Everyone caused it
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Sidney Fay
Austria's faut in short term. Placed lots of blame on Russia and Serbia
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Vladimir Lenin
Claimed there was evidence of secret deals in the Triple Entente. Caused by, imperialism and a capitalist desire for wealth.
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Hans Ulrich Wehler
Completly Germany's fault and the government wanted war
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Gerhardt Ritter
Was a extreme German nationalist. Germany acted defensivly at all times. Was critical of Fischer.
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Luigi Albertini
Germany's fualt because of the Schlieffen Plan as it was a plan for mobilisation
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John Rohl
German and Austrian government were pushing for a localised war. Provoked continental war with France. Mistakenly believed there was favourable circumstances. Wanted to fix domestic issues and create solidarity.
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Niall Ferguson
British diplomacy was unclear. There was ample oppertunities for Germany to backdown
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V.R. Berghahan
Flawed political systems. It was mostly Germany's fault. Britain forced Germany into an arms race.
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David Blackbourn
Blamed bourgouie system. Germany aspirations to be a world power, aspirations were shared by soilders and civillians. Germany created international tensions since 1890.
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Karl Erdmann
Germany was neither willing for war or was pushed into war during the July Crisis. Took risk of war in hope of breaking the Triple Entente.
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Fritz Fellner
Austria was planning a third Balkan war.
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Gordon Martel
The decision to go to war was a calculated risk
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Ruth Henig
Belligerant foreign policy from Vienna, combined with Germany's aggressive Weltpolitik and Balkanpolitik Habsburg.
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A.J.P. Taylor
Train timetables in the short term and militarism in the long term.
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Arno Meyer
Claimed all countries were in a revolutionary state and war was to stall a revolution so the elites could hold onto their power
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David Lloyd George
Europe slide into war and no contry wanted war and certaintly not on the scale it was.
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Austria's faut in short term. Placed lots of blame on Russia and Serbia

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