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What do food colours do?
Make food look more appealing
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What do flavour enhancers do?
They bring out the taste and smell of food without adding a taste of their own.
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What do antioxidants do?
Help preserve food
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What do emulsifiers do?
They help oil and water blend together in foods like salad cream and ice cream.
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What is thermal decomposistion?
When a substance breaks down into simpler substances when heated .
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Wha tis the equation for thermal decomposistion?
sodium hydrogencarbonate --> sodium carbonate+carbon dioxide+water
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What is a carboxylic acid?
An acid built around one or more carbon atoms.
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What is the equation for esterification?
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What properties do perfumes need?
Easily evaporate, non-toxic, doesn't react woth water, doesn't irritat skin, insouluble with water.
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What is votility?
How easily a liquid evaporates
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What is a solution?
A mixture of a solute and a solvent that doesn't seperate out
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What is a solute?
The substance being dissolved.
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What is a solvent?
The liquid it dissolving into.
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What is soluble.
It will dissolve
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What is insoluble?
It will NOT dissolve
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What is solubility?
A mesure of how much will dissolve.
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Why is nail varnish insoluble in water?
The molecules of the nail varnish are strongly attracted to eachother and the water molecules are stronglet attracted to each other. The attraction are stronger between themselves than eachother.
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What is a pigment?
Give the paint its colour
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What is the binding medium?
A liquid that carries the pigment and hold them together. When t goes solid it sticks the pigments to the surface you've painted.
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What is the solvent in paints?
Thins the paint, makes it easier to spread
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What are colloids?
Consists of really tiny particles of one kind of stuff mixed in with anouther kind of stuff, but not dissolved. Colloids don't settle at the bottom or seperate out because they are so small.
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How do emulsion paints work?
They are water based. THe solvent is water, binding medium is ussually acrylic or vinyl acetate polymer. It dries when the solvent evaporates leaves behind the binder and pigment. They are fast drying and don't produce harfull fumes.
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How do oil based paints work?
Binding material is oil, the solvent is an organic compound that dissolves the oil. Drys in two stages, first the solvent evaporates, then the oil is oxidised by oxygen in the air Oil paints are glossy hard waering and waterproof. Harmfull fumes prod
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What do flavour enhancers do?


They bring out the taste and smell of food without adding a taste of their own.

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What do antioxidants do?


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What do emulsifiers do?


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What is thermal decomposistion?


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