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Nitrogen Cycle:
1. Nitrogen gas is converted to nitrate compounds
by nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil or root nodules. Lightning also
converts nitrogen gas to nitrate compounds. Ammonia is
converted to nitrates by nitrifying bacteria in the soil.
2. Plants absorb nitrates from the soil and use these to build

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Some of the common air pollutants and how they are formed:

pollutant how it is formed
carbon incomplete combustion of the fuel in car
monoxide engines
oxides of formed from the heat and pressures found in
nitrogen, a car engine
sulphur dioxide sulphur impurities in the fuel burn

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Disposing Plastics:

One of the useful properties of polymers is that they are unreactive, so they are suitable for storing
food and chemicals safely. However, this makes it difficult to dispose polymers. They are often
buried in landfill sites or burned.

Waste polymers are disposed of in landfill sites.…


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