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Working capital equation
current assets - current liabilitites
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Current ratio equation
current assets ÷ current liabilities
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Acid test equation
(current assets - stock) ÷ current liabilities
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Cash flow forecast
Advantages: can preict and plan for cash shortages, easy to review, banks can see whether the business ahas enough cash. Disadvantages: not always accurate, doesn't include emergencies, late payments, price changes, lower sales
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Depreciation equation
(price when bought - price sold for) ÷ number of years owned OR x 100 for a percentage
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ARR equation
(average annual profit ÷ initial outlay) x 100
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Average annual profit equation
(total income - initial outlay) ÷ number of years
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Payback month equation
income required ÷ (income during year of payback ÷ 12)
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Advantages: quick, easy, understandable, concentrate short term. Disadvantages: ignores cash after payback and profitability overall, encourages short termism, doesn't look at timings
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Advantages: accounts for profitability, easyily understood, tough, make comparisons, uses cash flows for whole project. Disadvantages: ignores timings and time value of money, inaccurate as based on estimates
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Balance sheets
Advantages: quick, easy, shareholders can see if they want to invest, employees judge job security, creditors see if they will be paid back. Disadvantages: misleading, can be adjusted, small picture, inaccurate
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Breakeven equation
Fixed costs per day ÷ (selling price - variable costs)
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Advantages: clear, cheap, quick, simple, shows implications of price changes. Disadvantages: based on assumptions e.g. all stock sold so can be inaccurate, not valid for long as costs change, can't look at demand changes or price elasticity
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Current ratio equation


current assets ÷ current liabilities

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Acid test equation


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Cash flow forecast


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Depreciation equation


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