Business studies Year 10 - Finance

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Define overdraft
bank allows business to take out more money than it has in its band account
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Define trade credits
suppliers who allow debts for goods to be paid one or two months after delivery
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Define loans
give by banks or family and friends
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define grants
from charities or governments to help start a business
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define mortgage
long term loan for purchasing a building
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ad and dis of overdraft
ad- used as many times a business wants dis- high interest rate
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ad and dis of trade credits
ad- free finance available for a period dis- discounts for immediate purchasing lost
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ad and dis of loans
ad - banks give large loans and families can be flexible and charge no interest dis- banks charge interest and families might not give you much money
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ad and dis of mortgages
ad- often with fixed interest rate dis- if it has a variable interest rate it can become expensive
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ad and dis for grants
ad - money doesn't need to be paid back dis- not a lot of businesses qualify for a grant
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whats the difference between a creditor and debtor
creditor is the person you owe money to and debtor is the person who owes the creditor money
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define revenue
amount of money a business earns
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define costs
expenses of producing goods
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define a loss
when revenues less than costs
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define profit
whats left over after costs-revenue
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whats revenue calculation
number of sold products x selling price = revenue
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whats the costs calculation
all costs added together = total costs
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whats the profit (or loss) calculation
costs-revenue = profit (or loss)
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define cash flow
movement of money in and out of the business
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define cash
money that businesses have available straight away
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define forecast
technique businesses use to estimate future sales and cash flow
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define cash flow forecast
prediction of businesses further cash inflows and outflows
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define net cash flow
difference between cash in and cash out
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calculation for net cash flow
receipts - payments
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calculate the closing balance
netcashflow + opening balance
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three reasons why cash flow forecast is important
check if they have enough cash for the future, persuade banks for loans and reduce future outflows of cash
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define receipts
money businesses is paid in a month
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define payments
what business spend eg- rent
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whats insolvency
when businesses run out of cash to pay workers or suppliers
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Identify three solutions to cash flow problems
making payments to suppliers a later date, use a source of finance and cut payments by reducing costs e.g.- reduce employee number
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Define trade credits


suppliers who allow debts for goods to be paid one or two months after delivery

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Define loans


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define grants


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define mortgage


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