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2. If part of a single transaction, do all obligations need to be in one contract?

  • No, they can be split over several contracts
  • Yes, they must all be in one contract

3. Select a mutuality principle

  • a “mutual contract” is one in which obligations on each side are “causes” of each other (i.e. counterparts, so both parties have interdependent obligations)
  • a "mutual contract" is one where one party has an obligation and the other can perform to a certain extent

4. Which year was Inveresk Plc v Tullis Russell Papermakers Ltd?

  • 1960
  • 2010
  • 1980
  • 2009

5. What is Bank of East Asia Ltd v Scottish Enterprise about?

  • Breach of contract, party unable to pay.
  • For retention to be granted, the obligations must take place contemporaneously ie. the counter obligations existed at the same time
  • There does not need to be contemporaneously of obligations when seeking retention.
  • Parties had no consensus ad idem


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