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2. Termination of performance takes place when..?

  • Repudiation
  • Money exchanged for goods or services
  • Material breach or repudiation
  • Lack of performance

3. Suspending performance is called?

  • Suspending
  • Repudiation
  • Retention
  • Recalling

4. What options are available to the innocent party?

  • Court Injunction and Damages
  • Suspending Performance and Terminating Performance
  • Terminating and Withholding Performance
  • Forced Performance and Implicit Performance

5. What is AMA (New Town) Ltd v McKenna 2011 about?

  • For retention to be granted, the obligations must take place contemporaneously ie. the counter obligations existed at the same time
  • Simultaneous Performance
  • For a party to exercise their right of retention by withholding performance there must be a rectifiable breach
  • Material Breach of Contract


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