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2. What are Growth Lines?

  • Lines marking the growth of the adductor muscle
  • Lines representing new layers of shell as the animal grows
  • Lines which show the age of the brachiopod

3. What are Cilia?

  • Fleshy stalks used to increased stability when feeding
  • Small projections from the surface of some cells with the ability to waft
  • Small arms used to direct water towards the mouth for filter feeding

4. How does the Brachiopod open its valves?

  • By contracting the diductor muscle
  • By releasing the adductor muscle
  • By releasing the diductor muscle
  • By expanding the adductor muscle

5. What are their shells made of?

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chitin
  • Carbon


James Disney


Their shells are made of chitin and calcium phosphate, not calcium carbonate

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