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1. In Bocchiaro's experiment, what was the option to 'whistle-blow'?

  • To directly confront the experimenter and report to university staff
  • Complete an ethics form and mail it
  • Call the number on the task sheet using their own telephone (participants will not be reimbursed for this call) and then no longer have to continue the task
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2. What was the incentive to take part in Bocchiaro's study?

  • 7€ or course credits
  • Guaranteed access to a highly paid job
  • $4.50 and 50¢ for travel
  • There was no incentive

3. Were Bocchiaro's participants same-sex or mixed-sex?

  • Mixed-sex
  • Same-sex

4. True or false, the ecological validity in Bocchiaro's experiment was exceptionally poor.

  • False
  • True

5. What percentage of participants did 'obey' in Bocchiaro's study?

  • 75.6%
  • 76.5%
  • 12.5%
  • 40.8%


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