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2. In Bocchiaro's experiment, what was the option to 'whistle-blow'?

  • Complete an ethics form and mail it
  • Call the number on the task sheet using their own telephone (participants will not be reimbursed for this call) and then no longer have to continue the task
  • To directly confront the experimenter and report to university staff

3. What type of data was collected in Bocchiaro's study?

  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
  • No data was collected

4. How many participants took part in the survey on how they believed they would respond in the experimental situation of Bocchiaro's study?

  • 138
  • 143
  • 174
  • 105

5. What type of experiment was carried out in Bocchiaro's study?

  • Field experiment
  • Laboratory experiment
  • Quasi experiment


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