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2. Where is Broca's area?

  • Occipital lobe
  • Temporal lobe
  • Frontal lobe
  • Parietal lobe

3. What is the role of the suprachiasmatic nucleus?

  • Sends signals to the CNS
  • Main exogenous zeitgieber - creates environmental cues
  • Endogenous pacemaker - generates circadian rhythms, acting as a master clock to control sleep/arousal
  • Produces hormones implicated in the sleep-wake cycle

4. Which biological rhythm describes a cycle over 24 hours?

  • Ultradian rhythms
  • Infradian rhythms
  • Sleep rhythms
  • Circadian rhythms

5. Which way to investigate the brain created the early foundation for understanding on brain functioning?

  • Post-mortem
  • ERP
  • fMRI
  • EEG


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