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2. This is where the baby is for the nine months of pregnancy.

  • The cervix
  • The placenta
  • The uterus
  • The ******

3. at what stage of pregnancy can the foetus be seen to have a heartbeat?

  • eight to nine weeks
  • four to five weeks
  • six to seven weeks
  • ten to fourteen weeks

4. What is the umbilical cord for?

  • It gives the foetus food and water
  • It carries oxygen and nutrients to the foetus.
  • It mixes the mothers blood with the foetus's
  • It takes away diseases from the foetus.

5. What is the name of the bag around the baby? And what is the name of the fluid inside it?

  • It it is called the water sac and it contains water.
  • It is called the amnion and it contains amniotic fluid.
  • It is called the blood sac and it contains blood.
  • It is called the goo sac and it contains goo.


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