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2. What do electron microscopes allow us to see?

  • Internal structure of mitochondria and chloroplasts
  • Bacteria
  • Nuclei
  • Leaf cells

3. What does a bacterium cell contain?

  • Flagellum, chromosomal DNA, Plasmids, cell wall
  • Chloroplasts, nucleus, cell wall
  • Flagellum, cytoplasm, mitochondria
  • Cell membrane, nucleus , ribosomes

4. What does the cell membrane do?

  • Holds the cell together, controls what goes in and out
  • Gives support for the cell
  • Controls what the cell does
  • Makes the cell move

5. What does an animal cell contain?

  • flagellum, chromosomal DNA, plasmids
  • plasmid, cell wall, chloroplasts
  • Nulceus, cytoplasm, cell memrane, mitochondria
  • cell wall, vacuole, chloroplasts


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