Biology Key Word Definitions (P)

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What is a pancreas?
An organ that produces the hormone insulin and many digestive enzymes.
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What is a pandemic?
When more cases of a disease are recorded than normal in a number of different countries.
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What is a parasite?
An organism which lives in or on other living organisms and gets some or all of its nourishment from this host organism.
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What is partially permeable?
Allowing only certain substances to pass through.
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What is a pathogen?
A microorganism which causes disease.
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What is perfluorocarbon?
Chemical which can be used as artificial blood.
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What is permanent vacuole?
A space in the cytoplasm filled with cell sap which is there all the time.
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What is pesticide?
Chemical that kills animals.
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What is phloem?
The living transport tissue in plants which carries sugars around the plant.
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What is pigment?
A coloured molecule.
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What is phototropism?
The response of a plant to light, controlled by auxin.
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What is a pituitary gland?
A small gland in the brain which produces a range of hormones controlling body functions.
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What is a placebo?
A substance used in clinical trials which does not contain any drug at all.
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What is plasma?
The clear, yellow liquid part of the blood which carries dissolved substances and blood cells around the body.
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What is a platelet?
A fragment of cell in the blood which is vital for the clotting mechanism to work.
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What is polydactyly?
A genetic condition inherited through a dominant allele which results in extra fingers and toes.
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What is positive pressure?
A system where the external pressure is higher than the internal pressure.
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What is a predator?
An animal which preys on other animals for food.
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What is progesterone?
Female sex hormone used in the contraceptive pill.
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What is protease?
An enzyme which breaks down proteins.
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What is protein synthesis?
The process by which proteins are made on the ribosomes based on information from the genes in the nucleus.
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What is a pulmonary artery?
The large blood vessel taking deoxygenated blood from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs.
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What is a pulmonary vein?
The large blood vessel that brings blood into the left atrium of the heart from the lungs.
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What is a pyramid of biomass?
A model of the mass of biological material in the organisms at each level of a food chain.
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What is a pandemic?


When more cases of a disease are recorded than normal in a number of different countries.

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What is a parasite?


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What is partially permeable?


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What is a pathogen?


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