Behavioural approach to treating phobias

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1. identify the incorrect statement about Watson's conditioning procedure with Little Albert

  • the unconditioned response was the rat
  • the unconditioned stimulus was the noise
  • the neutral stimulus was the rat
  • the conditioned stimulus was the rat
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2. which of the following statements about systematic desensitisation is false

  • it involves counterconditioning
  • it is only suitable for a limited range of patients
  • research has shown it to be effective
  • when given a choice, patients tend to refer it to flooding

3. which of the following statements regarding flooding is false?

  • flooding is more cost effective than other treatments for specific phobias
  • flooding stops phobic responses more quickly than systematic desensitisation
  • flooding involves constructing an anxiety hierarchy
  • flooding is based on the classical conditioning principle of extinction

4. In the behavioural two process model to explain the learning of phobias, what type of learning maintains the phobia?

  • classical conditioning
  • operant conditioning
  • observation and imitation
  • social learning


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