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how many different bases does DNA have?
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What bases pair together?
A & C, G & T
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what is a gene?
A gene is a section of DNA that contains instructions for one particular protein
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what are proteins made of?
Proteins are made up of many amino acids which must join together in the correct order for the protein to work properly.
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what is messenger RNA used for?
RNA is formed in the nucleus of the cell. It rewrites the sequence of bases of a section of DNA in a process called transcription.
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During cell growth, does the number of chromosomes double or half?
the chromosomes are copied, so that the cell has two copies of its DNA
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what is the name of the cell produced when two gametes combine?
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in a human embryo, all the cells are undifferentiated until what stage?
8th cell stage
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describe how cloning could be use to make embryonic stem cells
a nucleus from a body cell of the adult that you are cloning is inserted into the empty egg cell. under the right conditions, inactive genes in the nucleus of the body can be reactivated so that an embryo forms. Embryonic stem cells
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what is a cutting?
A cutting is part of a plant that has been cut off. Cuttings taken from an area of the plant thats growing will contain unspecialised meristem cells which can differentiate to make any cell. a whole new plant can grow from the cutting= clone
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what is phototropism?
Phototropism is growth towards or away from light.
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What bases pair together?


A & C, G & T

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what is a gene?


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what are proteins made of?


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what is messenger RNA used for?


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