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what is MRSGREN
Movement Respiration Sensitivity Growth Reproduction Excretion Nutrition
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How do you group plants?
flowering non-flowering
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How do you group animals?
vertebrates invertebrates
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Name 5 vertebrate types?
1)mammals 2)birds 3)fish 4)reptiles 5)amphibians
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Name 7 invertebrates
1)protozoa 2)annelids 3)molluscs 4)echinoderms 5)crustaceans 6)arachinds 7)insects
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How do you group micro organisms?
bacteria fungi algae
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How many kingdoms were being used in 1969 and 1990?
5 kingdoms
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After 1990 what did it change to?
3 domains
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why do scientists use scientific names?
so everyone nows what they are talking about even if they speak a different launguage
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somewhere organisms live
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a community of living things interacting with non living things
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physical characteristics or features that allow an organism to live in a habitat
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behaviour or different organisms that allow them to survive in there chosen habitat (brown bear hibernates)
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what is another word to describe adaptation?
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what 3 factors can affect the number of animals in a habitat?
predation disease pollution
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primary consumer?
eats plants
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secondary consumer?
wats the primary consumer- a carnivore
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tertiary consumer?
eats meat only
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what do the arrows in a food web mean?
energy flow to each animal
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what are organisms in competion for?
food water light minerals space
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lag time/
space between each animal population increase and decrease
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what do humans use land for?
houses farming rubbish factorys
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intensive farming/
putting animals in small spsaces so they grow faster often given antibiotics and staroids
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battery chicken cages?
tight cage lots of food lots of eggs
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intensive farming on plants?
fertilisers insecticides green houses
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How do you group plants?


flowering non-flowering

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How do you group animals?


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Name 5 vertebrate types?


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Name 7 invertebrates


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