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2. What three organelles appear in a plant and animal cell?

  • Nucleus, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm
  • Vacuole, Cytoplasm, Mitochondria
  • Nucleus, Cell Wall, Cytoplasm
  • Cell Membrane, Nucleus, Chloroplasts

3. What chemical must be present to develop testes?

  • YRA
  • RAY
  • SRY
  • SYR

4. Body Cells contain....

  • Both Chromosomes and Sex Cells
  • Pairs of Chromosomes
  • Pairs of Sex Cells
  • Neither

5. Whats a false positive test result?

  • The test shows positive, but is in fact negative
  • The test shows negative and is in fact negtive
  • The test shows negative, but is in fact positive
  • The test shows positive, and is in fact positive


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