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1. What is a stem cell?

  • A specialized cell
  • An nonspecialist cell that can be changed into anything
  • A nonspecialist cell that can turn into some other cells
  • A nonspecialist cell that can turn into most other cells
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2. In what genetic test is a needle inserted into the mothers stomach?

  • Aternal Test
  • Pre-Implantation
  • Chronic Villi Sampling
  • Post-Testing

3. What three organelles appear in a plant and animal cell?

  • Cell Membrane, Nucleus, Chloroplasts
  • Nucleus, Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm
  • Nucleus, Cell Wall, Cytoplasm
  • Vacuole, Cytoplasm, Mitochondria

4. Give two functions of proteins:

  • Structural, Break-down
  • Enzymes, Collagen
  • Functional, Structual
  • Keratin, Collagen

5. Heterozygous means...

  • Different Alleles
  • Same Alleles
  • The makeup of genes
  • The characteristics


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