B063: 2014 TechMed Pre-release Chapter 1 Revision

This is for Chapter 1 of the pre-release B063 exam for 2014.

What type of network is used inside a hospital?
LAN or Local Area Network.
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What is a network?
Where 2 or more computers are connected together.
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Describe a LAN.
A LAN operates over a small area such as a building or a group of buildings.
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What are some advantages to TechMed2014 for using a network?
File sharing, file access, resource sharing, system back-ups and systems security.
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What is file sharing and why is it an advantage?
This is where hospital staff can access files on one workstation that has been created by another member of staff. This is an advantage because it allows patient records to be viewed and updated by more than one person.
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What is file access and why is it an advantage?
This allows all workers to log on and work from any computer on the LAN. Every accounted is protected by passwords. Each username can be assigned to access certain files and areas meaning only the right people can access protected files and areas.
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What is resource sharing and why is it an advantage?
This is only possible in a computer network. Resources that can be shared include files, peripherals and Internet connections. In a hospital, this saves time and improves hospital efficiency as staff can share printers and files.
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What are system back-ups and why are they an advantage?
These create copies of files so that if something happened to the original, a duplicate can be accessed. A most common example is of a mirrored server which is normally stored away from the main server. It automatically copies and updates files.
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Why is having systems security an advantage?
As it is only controlled by a network administrator, most security settings will be correctly configured than in a series of stand-alone computers. Also, virus protection and fire walls help prevent unauthorised access to files and areas.
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What does a hospital LAN generally contain?
User workstations, 100/10 switch, Internet & Firewall, file server, printer, Wi-Fi router and mobile devices.
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What is a 100/10 switch?
It is an Ethernet cable switch that automatically senses the speed of the device it connects with.
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List hardware included in a LAN.
File servers, laptops, workstations or PCs, network printers and a network infrastructure.
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Communication devices are the basic hardware needed when creating a network. What are the main components?
Network Interface Card (NIC), hub, switches and a Wi-Fi router.
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What is a Network Interface Card (NIC)?
It is used to connect a computer or a workstation to a network. Normally, it is built in to the motherboard.
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What is a hub?
A hub is a device used to connect many Ethernet cable-type devices as it has several ports and data is received and sent out to all other ports, minus the input port.
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What are switches/intelligent hubs?
It does the same as a hub as it links Ethernet devices as one whole unit, but it only sends data through certain hubs, mentioned in a destination address held in the data. This makes it more efficient than a hub.
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What is a Wi-Fi router?
This is a wireless access point which provides network access to a range of Wi-Fi devices.
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What is a WAN and describe it?
A WAN is a Wide Area Network. A WAN operates over large geographical distances, such as entire regions, continents or the whole world. The most famous exmaple is the Internet.
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How are the hospital LANs connected to make WANs?
They use telecommunication links such as telephone lines, satellite channels or microwave links.
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Name the benefits of connecting hospitals using a Wide Area Network?
Medical staff can work in more than one location, patient records are available to all hospitals, administration of services can be carried out centrally from one hospital and it supports future telepresence technologies.
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What is a network?


Where 2 or more computers are connected together.

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Describe a LAN.


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What are some advantages to TechMed2014 for using a network?


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What is file sharing and why is it an advantage?


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