Unit 1: Atomic Structure Quiz

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1. What is the isotope of an element?

  • An element with a differing numbers of protons in the nucleus
  • Atoms with the same numbers of protons but different numbers of neutrons
  • An element with a positive or negative charge
  • An element with no neutrons
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2. In what state must an atom be in to measure it's 1st ionisation energy?

  • Gas
  • Solid
  • Liquid

3. The orbital 3s has a higher energy value then the orbital 3p

  • False
  • True

4. Orbitals of the same energy will take a single electron each before pairing starts

  • True
  • False

5. What is the relative charge of a proton?

  • +2
  • +1
  • 0
  • -1


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