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2. In which order should these steps be in to describe how a mass spectrometer works?

  • Vaporisation, Ionisation, Acceleration, Deflection, Detection
  • Detection, Vaporisation, Deflection, Acceleration, Ionisation
  • Ionisation, Vaporisation, Acceleration, Deflection, Detection
  • Vaporisation, Acceleration, Ionisation, Deflection, Detection

3. Why does general trend increase for the 1st ionisation energies across a period?

  • Decreased nuclear charge
  • Increased nuclear charge
  • More electron shielding

4. The relative atomic mass is the weighted mass of an atom of an element compared to an atom of what?

  • Carbon-12
  • Carbon-14
  • Nitrogen
  • Hydrogen

5. Which type of electron orbital as the highest energy value?

  • d
  • p
  • f
  • s


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