AQA Biology A2 Unit 5 Quiz

A quiz testing most (maybe more to come) areas of the unit 5 specification.

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1. What does it mean to suffer from 'Type I' diabetes mellitus?

  • Type I diabetics do not produce sufficient insulin, suspected to be due to an autoimmune response to pancreatic cells and must inject insulin to maintain their BGC.
  • Type I diabetics have cells which are unresponsive to insulin (often due to obesity), and so must manage their carbohydrate intake to maintain their BGC
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2. Which of the following lists mechanisms for thermoregulation utilised by both endo- and ectotherms?

  • Behavioural adaptation, colour change
  • Behavioural adaptation, colour change, alteration of metabolic rate
  • Alteration of metabolic rate, vasoconstriction/-dilation

3. A response whose randomness elevates alongside increasingly unfavourable conditions is a ___?

  • Kinesis
  • Taxis
  • Tropism

4. The channels responsible for inducing a generator potential in the pacinian corpuscle are known as what?

  • Sodium-potassium pumps
  • Stretch-mediated sodium ion channels
  • Voltage-gated sodium ion channels

5. [1] may bind to [2] and 'guide' it to [3] to which [1] has [4], the [2] then cuts the [3], preventing translation.

  • 1: siRNA, 2: a hydrolytic enzyme, 3: mRNA, 4: a complementary base sequence
  • 1: a hydrolytic enzyme, 2: siRNA, 3: mRNA, 4: a complementary base sequence
  • 1: mRNA, 2: a hydrolytic enzyme, 3: siRNA, 4: a complementary base sequence


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