AQA Biology A2 Unit 5 Quiz

A quiz testing most (maybe more to come) areas of the unit 5 specification.

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1. Acetylcholine causes the opening of which channel in the post-synaptic membrane?

  • Calcium ion channel
  • Sodium ion channel
  • Potassium ion channel
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2. The act of [1] binding to a receptor on [2] causes a conformational change, releasing the [3] molecule, allowing [2] to bind to [4] in the nucleus and initiate transcription.

  • 1: DNA, 2: transcriptional factor, 3: inhibitor, 4: oestrogen
  • 1: oestrogen, 2: a transcriptional factor, 3: inhibitor, 4: DNA
  • 1: a transcriptional factor, 2: DNA, 3: inhibitor, 4: oestrogen

3. Slow twitch fibres contain:

  • Large stores of myoglobin and glycogen, many mitochondria and a rich blood supply
  • Large stores of phosphocreatine, and high concentrations of enzymes used in anaerobic respiration

4. The second messenger model, as applied to the action of adrenaline, is:

  • Adrenaline binds to cell-surface receptors, causing an enzyme on the inside of the cell membrane to activate and convert ATP into cAMP, which then acts as a second messenger, activating enzymes responsible for glycogenolysis
  • Adrenaline reacts with ATP to form cAMP and glycerol, then the cAMP acts as a second messenger, causing the activation of enzymes responsible for glycogenolysis
  • Adrenaline binds to cAMP, forming the adrenaline-cAMP complex, acting as a second messenger to activate the enzymes responsible for glycogenolysis

5. During translation, there are x tRNA molecules paired to the mRNA molecule and being operated on by a ribosome, and as many as y ribosomes operating on the mRNA. xy ~ ?

  • 100
  • 1,000
  • 10,000


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