AQA Biology A2 Unit 5 Quiz

A quiz testing most (maybe more to come) areas of the unit 5 specification.

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1. Normal blood glucose concentration (BGC) is:

  • 100mg per 100cm^3 blood
  • 10mg per 100cm^3 blood
  • 90mg per 100cm^3 blood
  • 9mg per 100cm^3 blood
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2. Depolaristion only occurs in cells part of the nervous system. True or false?

  • 42
  • False
  • True

3. During striated muscular contraction:

  • The sarcomere, I band and H zone become narrower, the A band maintains its width
  • The sarcomere and H zone become narrower, the A and I bands maintain their
  • The sarcomere lengthens, the H zone remains the same size, the A and I bands both shorten

4. When using stem cells to repair damaged tissues, the patient's own stem cells are often used. Why is this?

  • Using stem cells from another individual is illegal
  • To prevent the rejection of the treatment due to the presence of foreign antigens
  • To prevent rejection of the treatment based on the nocebo effect

5. Describe the role of ATP in the sliding filament theory.

  • ATP binds to myosin head, releasing it from actin, then it is hydrolysed to ADP, 'recocking' the head.
  • ATP binds to the myosin head, altering the myosin tail's angle, pulling the actin along
  • ATP binds to troponin molecules on the actin, releasing the myosin head


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