AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Secularisation - Postmodernism

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1. Why have meta-narrative like traditional religious beliefs lost their influence?

  • Religion used to dominate in institutions, no longer used
  • Religion is no longer a part of modern society
  • Religion does not influence societies values anymore
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2. Who came up with the term Vicarious Religion?

  • Durkheim
  • Willis
  • Davies
  • Bruce

3. Name a criticism about postmodernity?

  • Still no major influence from religion
  • New religious marketing is not attracting new members
  • New religious marketing is not working on the younger genoration

4. In spiritual shopping Danielle Hervieu-Leger came up with what term?

  • Cultural Consumerism - Marking a religious view
  • Cultural Amnesia - Parents used to choose religion, now people choose for themselves
  • Cultural Amnesia - Forgetting your religion due to secularisation

5. How does Weber contradict Lyon's idea of Disenchantment?

  • Religion is changing how it approaches society, this is due to modernity
  • He believes that re-enchantment is occurring through unconventional beliefs
  • Believes that people are just believing without belonging


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