AQA A2 Sociology Unit 3 - Beliefs - Secularisation - Postmodernism - RMT

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1. What is an Evaluation of RMT?

  • Explains why religion is successful in the US
  • Is not Eurocentric
  • Takes into account all cultures and diversity
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2. What is EST by Norris and Inglehart?

  • If the individual is more secure they have no need for religion, Less security means they have more need for religion
  • More secure in life, need religion more
  • Less secure in life means they need more diversity to chose from

3. What theory do Norris and Inglehart come up with?

  • Existential Social Change
  • Existential Security theory
  • Existing Secularisation Thesis

4. What does RMT stand for?

  • Religious Market Theory
  • Religious Marketisation Thesis
  • Rapid Modernity Theory

5. Who looks at the levels of participation in Catholic countries?

  • Rosenhan and Jacobson
  • Stark and Bainbridge
  • Norris and Inglehart
  • Heelas and Woodhead


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