AQA Unit 1 Business


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1. What is limited liability?

  • If a business goes into debt or bankruptcy, they won't lose their personal belongings
  • If a business goes into debt or bankruptcy, they can lose their personal belongings
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2. How many people can own a partnership?

  • 2-20
  • 2-5
  • 1
  • Maximum of 50

3. What is a disadvantage of a sole trader?

  • Have to register for companies house
  • Unlimited liability
  • Limited liability

4. What are the 4 p's that make up the marketing mix?

  • Product, Price, Place & Promotion
  • Promotion, Price, Predictions & Plan
  • Plan, Place, Product & Prevention

5. What is it called when suppliers allow payment for goods to be made after delivery?

  • Grant
  • Trade Credit
  • Bank Loan
  • Overdraft


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