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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

Starting a Business
1) Business an organisation that is set up to provide goods or services to customers; it is
done to generate a profit.

2) Entrepreneur A person who has an idea for business taking on a financial risk to pursue

3) Why start…

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

Achieve a greater market share
Customer satisfaction

9) Turnover amount of money generated by a business on a particular period of time.

10) Stakeholders a person with an interest in the business.

11) Examples of stakeholders:-

Bank manager

12) Business…

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies



General: Functional:

Business failure ­ complete closure or Marketing ­ the market research data is
bankruptcy incorrect and so errors are made.

Partial business failure ­closure of certain Sales ­ customers' incomes change - no
parts of business/divisions longer able to afford product


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Ann Zaheer Business Studies



Advantages: Disadvantages:

Limited liability Management conflict

There is no double taxation The company will dissolve if a member goes
bankrupt or passes away.



Advantages: Disadvantages:

Few procedures needed to set up Unlimited liability

Shared expertise of partners combined Profits must be shared…

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

1) Market research helps a business find out about the marker i.e. customers and potential

2) Primary research gathering new data specifically for the (purposes identified by the)

Primary research

Advantages: Disadvantages:

Questions directly related to business are Collecting the data can be…

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

Internet research
Trade Publications
General media

Government statistics


7) Small firms adapt their products :-

To increase sales
To increase customer loyalty

8) Product range the term given to all products made/sold by the firm.

Product differentiation attempting to make you product stand out from…

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Ann Zaheer Business Studies

10) A simple rule for pricing is that businesses should charge at least enough to cover the costs
of buying/making the product; failure to do so will lead to a loss.

11) Factors affecting price:-

Price charged by competitors
Smaller businesses will have to accept a…


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