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6. What is a healthy diet ?

  • The correct proportions of all seven food groups to meet the needs of the body?
  • Eating no fat or carbs
  • The right amount of energy
  • Eating an exactly equal balance of each food group

7. Which food groups give us energy ?

  • Vitamins and protein
  • Carbs and Fats
  • Fibre and fat
  • Protein and carbs

8. Which food group is needed for chemical reactions in the cells ?

  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Fats
  • Proteins

9. What factors determine the energy levels you require?

  • Pregnancy , being ill , age , metabolsim
  • Gender , height, mass, bmi
  • Age, gender, pregnancy, activity levels
  • Gender, mass, genes , time of year

10. What is a deficiency disease?

  • A disease form an imbalanced diet
  • A disease obtained from the lacking of one or more on the vital nutrience
  • A disease obtained from low amounts of food
  • A disease spread by the deficiency pathogen