Anti Hypertensives

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What is an example of an antihypertensive?
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What do they do?
Lower the water level by increasing urine
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What are side effects?
Dehydration and blood gets more viscous
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What is another Antihypertensive?
Beta Blockers
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What does this do?
Block the adrenaline receptor in the heart that stops the heart from beating harderin response to stress and reduces hypertension
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What are some of the side effects?
sleep disturbance, bradycardia
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What do ACE inhibitors do?
They stop the production of angiotensin
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What are two side effects?
Increase in blood pressure and kidney failure
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What do Statins do?
Block an enzyme in the liver that makes cholesterol, they remove LDL from the circulation
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What are these associated with?
Liver failure
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What do anticoagulants do?
block the clotting process
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What do platelet inhibitory drugs do?
They work in the same way as anticoagulants but target platelets therefore, they have the same side effects
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What is cholesterol a major component in?
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Where do we get cholesterol from?
Diet and it is made by the liver
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What does a HDL do?
take cholesterol out of the circulation to the liver, where it is converted into bile salt and ultimately excreted
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What do HDLs lower?
Cholesterol levels
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What do LDLs do?
Take cholesterol from the liver and put it into the circulation to the liver
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LDLs increase what?
Cholesterol levels
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What do they do?


Lower the water level by increasing urine

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What are side effects?


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What is another Antihypertensive?


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