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2. In a primary amine,

  • N is attached to 3 carbons
  • N is attached to 1 carbon
  • N is attached to 2 carbons
  • N is attached to no carbons

3. primary and secondary amines have

  • relatively high boiling points
  • relatively low boiling points

4. larger amines (>5 Carbons) are not soluble in water due to

  • carbons repel the water molecules
  • increased chain length- vdw forces too weak to separate h20 molecules
  • size- too big to be dissolved
  • decreased chain length- more vdw forces present

5. Shape and bond angle of amines

  • tetrahedral, 107.5
  • trigonal planar, 120
  • pyramidal, 107.5
  • pyramidal, 109.5


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