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What is Revelations based on?
Ailey’s ‘blood memories’ of his childhood in rural Texas and the Baptist Church
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What is the music a compilation of?
African American Spirituals
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Who is the lighting designer?
Nicola Cernovitch
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Name 4 props used in Revelations
Umbrella, Stools, Blue Silk Material, Fans
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What was the main choreographic device that Aliey used?
Motif Development
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How many sections are there in the piece?
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Who was the original costume designer?
(Laurence Maldonado
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How many white people are in the piece? And in what episode?
1 - Sinnerman
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What does the title refer to?
The Book of Revelations in the Bible
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How many distinctive songs are there?
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What it the style that Revelation is performed in?
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When was Revelations first performed?
January 31, 1960
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What are the main themes?
Freedom, repression, excepting, religion, trials and tribulations, celebration
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Did Alvin use music visualisation, disassociation or mutual co existence?
Music Visualisation
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Complete the missing lyric:"I've been ....."
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Where was Alvin born?
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What did he die of? When did he die?
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What is his company called?
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
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Describe the prop the lady holds in Wade in the Water
White, cotton, umbrella
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What is memorable about his dance company?
It was one of the first companies to include African-American dancers in the company
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Alvin Ailey founded his own company in 1958 after being inspired to pursue dancing by seeing what Ballet?
Russe de Monte Carlo.
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During his long career, How many Ballets did Ailey choreographed?
Approximately 80
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In 1968, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performed at the White House for which President
President Johnson
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The company almost dissolved in 1970 due to lack of what?
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At what age was Ailey when his father left the family home?
Less than one years old
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What did Ailey's father work as?
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What sports did Ailey participate in at school?
Gymnastics and Football
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What style of dancing did young Ailey learn in his next door neighbours house?
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What dancers inspired young Ailey to learn tap?
Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly
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What dance school was the first to enrole black students
Lester Horton Dance School
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What was the first dance school Ailey went to?
Lester Horton Dance School (but left after one month to study languages - but later returned)
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When Lester Horton died, what did Ailey do?
Became the Artistic Director of The Lester Horton Dance Company - the troupe later parted!
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What was Ailey performing in throughout the 1950's and the early 1960's
Musical Productions
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What was Ailey's first major piece?
Blue Suites
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What starting formation is used in I've been buked
Pyramid formation
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The dim, rusty coloured light in I've been buked complements the
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The sorrowful, somber music starts the whole piece, and sets the..
scene of the section
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In 'I've been buked' what can the reaching (upwards) be interpreted as?
Reaching to god
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The white costumes in Wade in the Water are a sign of what?
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Section 2, Wade in the Water: Being baptized is a form of salvation, and after being enslaved, African Americans used this as what?
A way of being “saved” by God.
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Names at keast 5 of Ailey's influences
Jack Cole, Fred Astaire, Kathrin Dunham, Martha Graham, Karell Shook, Stella Adler, Bob Fosse
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What can the repeated 'bird pose' in 'I've been buked' represent?
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Show through word, drawing or movement ways in which praying is portrayed in revelations
Fingers cup the palm
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When the men in Sinnerman are running, what are they trying to portray?
Finding some where to hide
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What movement portrays the sewing of seeds
small, bouncy, hand taps on the floor in front of the dance. The dancer is in a crouched position and using only one hand.
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What is the theme Move Members Move
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Who took over the company when Ailey passed?
Judith Jamison
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Alvin Ailey used sculptures as an inspiration for 'I've been buked' - True or False
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What is the lady with the umbrella in 'Wade in the Water' supposed to symbolise?
Church leader
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How many dancers AAADT did Ailey start with when the company was founded?
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What is the music a compilation of?


African American Spirituals

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Who is the lighting designer?


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Name 4 props used in Revelations


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What was the main choreographic device that Aliey used?


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