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2. What are the three main causes of Acute Abdomen?

  • Medical, Surgical and gynaecological
  • Nausea,Vomiting and Pain
  • Medical, Surgical and Mechanical
  • Surgical, Gynaecological and non mechanical

3. 3 signs and symptoms

  • bowel not opened, pain and dehydration
  • dehydration, pain and skin discolouration

4. A mechanical obstruction...

  • none of the above
  • narrows the lumen
  • both of the above
  • stops the movement of the bowel

5. Which are 2 Surgical reasons for Acute Abdomen?

  • Appendicitis and Obstruction
  • Ruptureed spleen and CYST
  • Eptopic Pregnancy and obstruction
  • UTI and Eptopic pregnancy


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