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On cat comme de chiffioners?
we fight like cats and dogs
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J'espere + inf
I hope to
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Si j'etais la maire + con
If i was mayor +cond
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Si je gagnais la loterie + cond
If I won the lottery +cond
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J'ai toujours reve de +inf
I have always dreamed of +inf
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Ca coute les yeux de la tete
It coasts an arm and a leg
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J'etais aux anges
I was over the moon
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On est comme deux gouttes d'eau
We're like two peas in a pod.
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Un reve devenu realite
A dream come true
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Apres avoir fait mes devoirs
After having done my homework
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Apres etre alle
After having gone...
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Pour commencer
To begin with
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En ce qui me concerne
As far as i'm concerned
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Il me semble que
It seems to me that
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Bein que
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Si j'avais l'opportunite
If I had the oppotunity
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Il est essentiel que
It is essential that
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Il n'est pas probable que
It's not likely that
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Bein sur
Of course
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C'est le vie
That's life
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Card 2


J'espere + inf


I hope to

Card 3


Si j'etais la maire + con


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Card 4


Si je gagnais la loterie + cond


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Card 5


J'ai toujours reve de +inf


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