The Pardoner's Tale: Overview

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There are twenty-four 'fragments', some written in prose, some in verse. 'Narrative links' bind the story together. Sometimes this is the characters conversing, or the host talking - not all of the narrative links are present. The plan was to have tales told to and from Canterbury, but only half of the work was completed (to Canterbury).

The journey takes around two to three days, and is dangerous. It took place in the springtime (likely during April). The pilgrimage retraces the story of the murder of Thomas Beckett.

The characters meet in 'Tabard Inn' in London. The host is called Harry Bailey. He suggests that the other pilgrims make up tales.

The story is split into 'The General Prologue' and the main text. 'The General Prologue' introduces us to the pilgrims and provides us with a description of them. This description colours our opinion of the


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