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An Ideal Husband acts summarised events:

ACT 1:

·      Opening scene of party at the Chiltern’s family- it’s in Grosvenor square where eminent figures such as lord Churchill attended 

·      Lady Basildon and Mrs Marchtmont talk about being superficial 

·      Vicomte de Nanjac described as “a young attache known for his neckties and his Anglo-mania” this is a perfect example of a typical English man 

·      Lord Caversham compared to a portrait of Lawrence 

·      Lord Caversham mentions hating London society 

·      Lady Markby mentions everyone marrying and how its turned into fashion  and how families are so mixed nowadays 

·      Mrs Cheveley and lady Chiltern talk about attending school together, but Mrs Cheveley has forgotten most of her schooldays

·       Mrs Cheveley comes from Vienna and mentions how she has a good conduct and how prizes in her life come later on

·      Sir Robert Chiltern is presented as a misogynistic as he goes against Mrs Cheveley’s powerful statements on women and there importance e.g. women not being good at science 

·      Mrs Cheveley mentions loving politics as it’s a “clever game” but sir Robert Chiltern says it’s only a noble career 

·      Mrs Cheveley mentions hating the London season, English house parties, how dull people are brilliant at breakfast and how Englishmen that get romantic after a meal bores her

·      Mrs Cheveley mentions not liking “tedious” people so src 

·      Mrs Cheveley mentioned the greatness of baron Arnheim and how “it’s such a pity he never wrote memoirs” as they would be “interesting”

·      Lord goring presented as a “idlest man” that’s not romantic, being selfish and loving the feeling of being missed- dandy behaviour 

·      Mrs Cheveley holds control over sir Robert Chiltern as she talks to him about his Suez canal scandal and how his “puratism” brought him which he gets offended by and warns her about talking to an English gentleman but he gets scared so he offers her money 

·      Lady Markby mentioned Mrs Cheveley being a woman with high principles 

·      Lady Chiltern  doesn’t believe Mrs Cheveley about her husband being part of the fraudulent scheme as she believes that circumstances should never alter principles and if it does happen they would “drift apart”

·      Lady Chiltern talks about women worshipping for their men 

·      Lord goring talks about his dad telling him to go to bed early 

·      Mabel Chiltern mentioned the snake brooch being dropped on the floor 

·      lord goring mentions Mrs Cheveley being  “a genius in the daytime and a  beauty at night” which lady Markby escribes as a “horrible combination”

·      Lord Caversham complaining about lord goring wasting his life 

·      Lord goring mentions how at political parties, politics is not being spoken about 

·      Mrs Marchtmont and lady Basildon talk about how their husbands never appreciate them…


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