Why did Labour win a Landslide Election in 1945?


Election result: LAB 393       CON 213       LIB 12



  • Led by Clement Attlee who was very statesmanlike and calm
  • Attlee was committed to introducing a welfare state. 
  • Being deputy PM during World War Two gave him the experience he needed to lead a Government. 
  • His ministers such as Ernest Bevin, Stafford Cripps and Herbert Morrison became familiar faces and were closely associated with the war effort. 

Beveridge Report

  • Committed to introducing the Beveridge Report 1942 and a full welfare state. 
  • Beveridge report sold 600,000 copies highlighting its popularity. 

By-Election successes

  • From Nov 1935-1945, Labour/left wing parties won nearly 30 seats from the Tory party in by-elections .
  • Led by 12% in polls in 1943

Credibility and Experience

  • The Labour Party had previously only been in Government twice- forming minority administrations.
  • The War gave them experience and credibility. 


  • There was a rise in collectivism during the war- a key concept of socialism 
  • Rationing, the Battle of Britain, conscription and evacuation united communities blurring class lines- shown by 22% of the middle class voting Labour and wins in Tory strongholds of Birmingham and East Lewisham in the


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