Who was to blame for the Cold War

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Basic Info

-Communism is  a lack of trust and where everything is owened by the state and shared between everyone. Nothing is privately owened

- Capitalist is where there is trust and nothing is state owened. It is privately owened.

- It was a Dictatorship VS Democracy.

- America was a democratic country

- Russia was a Dictatorship.

- Russia was a communist country

- America was a capitalist country

Main Causes

- Bolshevik revolution in 1917

America sent troops and intervined to try and stop the communist revolution.

- World War One 1918

- In 1918 Germany invaded Russia and issues a very harsh treaty. This was the Treaty of Brest Litovsk

- Treat of Versaillies 1919

- Russia was not invited by America, France or Britian.

-Causes of the Second World War 1938-1939

-Hitler made no secret of hating communism and wanted to destory communism. Stalin signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact that means that whe Poland would be devied at the start of the Second World War

- Second world War 1941-1944

- Despite the Nazi Soviet Pact Russia was invaded for the third time from the West.

Yalta Coference

- The confrence at Yalta held in the Crimea on February 4-11th 1945. It brought together the big the allied leaders. During the conference Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt discussed Europe's post-war reorganisation. The main purpose of Yalta was the re-establishment of the nations conquered and destroyed by Germany.

- Stalin wanted compensation, revenge and security. Stalin did not want to be invaded for the fourth time. Plus 20 million people had died during the Second World War. Stalin also wanted to have a buffer zone so had a set of countries which were communist but these were also innocent Russians.

- Roosevelt wanted to end the war and keep peace. He also wanted to end the war with Japan. He however also had concerns over communism and wanted to have Eastern Europe to stand firm even with the threat of communism. Some of america wanted to have an isolation policy but others wanted to continue trading with Easter Europe.

- Churchill was the realist. He adopted the Iron fist approach towards…


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