What was the effect of WW1 on Tsarist Russia?


What was the effect of WW1 on Tsarist Russia?


  • War was going very badly in (samsonov and rennenkampf).

  • St petersburg became petrograd in.

  • Duma demands progressive bloc.

  • Prince Lvov:

    • From a landowning family.

    • A hard working liberal.

    • Wanted a constitutional monarchy.

    • Sat in the first two dumas as a kadet.

    • Risen through the zemstvo.

    • Was respected for his work to alleviate the famine of the 1890s.

    • Became a leader of Zemgor.

  • Wages running at 200%??

  • Workers are very hungry.

  • Cities are very poor.

  • Peasants were lowest in line to receive the food (that they farmed) and so they began hiding some of the crops to feed their families.

  • Nicholas II made himself Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Problem? He is now held responsible/to blame for any mistakes that will happen, he is inexperienced in the leadership field.

  • Mogilev.

  • War Industries Committee.


  • There were three different chief ministers. Complete instability.

  • Three different interior ministers.

  • Alexander Protopopov (6 September 1916 – 28 February 1917).

  • It seems like Nicholas II’s wife Alexandra is in charge and the people didn’t like that. Every time something goes wrong they blame her because she is of German nationality.

  • Rasputin:

    • Born in siberia.

    • (Apparently) as a child he was shown to have powers.

    • He had a brother and a sister who both died when he was at a young age.

    • Was perhaps a khlysty monk but not confirmed. It was a belief


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